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Project Reveal: The Georgian Tiny Home at Trilith

Well friends, this was a first for me. The BJI team completed our first tiny home furnishing project this month, and we could not have had more fun throughout the design process! When the client approached us to furnish and decorate this 500 square foot cottage style tiny home to be turned into an investment property, I was so excited to take on the project. The finished space turned out better than we could have imagined and we can’t wait to show you!

The Kitchen

The kitchen mainly sits along one wall of the house, and with no formal dining room, we had to get creative with the space we had while keeping in mind the style and functionality of the house as a whole. Mainly featuring open shelving in the kitchen, it was of priority to choose products that were modern and classic in style, while also practical for everyday use. Since this house was built mainly for two people, we created a bar stool area that is perfect for eating a casual meal or getting some work done on a laptop.

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The Living Room

Just across from the kitchen is a cozy living room space. With enough room for only a sofa, we kept this space simple by adding two stools for extra seating and two accent tables in front of the sofa that could act as the coffee table area. Using accent tables is a creative way to still have the style and functionality of a larger scale coffee table, but allows for mobility and versatility in a smaller space. We chose to incorporate black, gray and natural wood tones to not complicate the small space, but brought it all together with a large zebra print-inspired rug as the anchor.

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The Hallway Nook

Around the corner from the living room/kitchen area is a sweet little nook with built-in shelves and a sliding barn door closet. We incorporated décor elements that are simple with natural textures and subtle in style that helped create a moment in this space without being too cluttered. We styled the bottom built-in shelf with our Bay Breeze Tray to serve as a “drop zone” for mail, keys, sunglasses, etc. as the resident enters the home. Creating an intentional space for small everyday items with a woven tray or wooden bowl, can make a home feel lived-in while also organized and put together.

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The Bathroom

Yup - you guessed it. There’s only one bathroom in this tiny home. While it may be smaller, it packs a big design punch for the space! The bathroom features minimalist fixtures, yet is balanced by depth and texture with the herringbone wood floors, bamboo-inspired vanity, and rustic wood floating shelf as an accent above the toilet (pro tip: never miss an opportunity to create a stylized moment over the toilet!). We continued the décor theme of the home by incorporating our Naples Box and our Maidenhair Greenery in a basket planter.

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The Primary Suite

Just passed the hallway nook we talked about earlier is the primary suite. We opted for soft blues and light ivory colors in the bed linens to contrast the cozy dark wainscoting around the room. Throughout the suite, we kept the prints and patterns to a minimum as to not overwhelm the eye or make the room feel smaller. Again, we incorporated natural elements such as greenery, a dark rattan cabinet dresser and natural textured accessories.

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The Loft Guest Bedroom

One of the structural elements of this home that will be sure to surprise and delight any guest is the loft-style guest bedroom! The homeowners chose to install a library ladder station in the living room that leads up to a sunny bedroom perfect for overnight guests or reading a book by the window. We kept the furnishings and textiles in this room completely neutral and only incorporated natural inspired accessories, including a collage of baskets all from the BJI Shop!

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Well there you have it friends - the tiny home! One of my favorite aspects of this project was the challenge to furnish and decorate a smaller space that feels cozy and spacious while not compromising on style or quality. By incorporating large yet modern style furniture pieces with natural decor elements, this space became the perfect blend of simplistic modern with a roomy and homey feel.


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