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Our Favorite Green Paint Colors

It's not a secret that we love green around here. The earthy color is fresh and timeless, which perfectly aligns with our core design aesthetic of creating spaces filled with light and life. From muted sage to rich pewter, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite greens from past projects.

Sherwin-Williams Retreat: This muted green with blue-gray undertones will fill your space with the fresh feeling of mountain air. An uplifting shade for bedrooms and bathroom vanities.

Sherwin-Williams Olympic Range: Feel the power and natural grandeur of this cool, dark green. Blue and gray undertones ground this saturated neutral with tranquil vibes.

Sherwin-Williams Pewter Green: Dark yet calming, this cool green complements natural elements like wood and metal. Bring a down-to-earth elegance to your favorite room. See our Gale Project

Sherwin-Williams Clary Sage: Introduce a botanical vibe with this soft herbal green. This calming hue is warmed by a slight yellow undertone.

Whether you prefer a bold or subtle approach, going green can bring a sense of balance and harmony to your home. As always, it's important to consider the lighting in your space. So, before making your final decision, test out different shades in different lighting conditions to find the perfect green for your project.


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