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Our 2024 Goals

Happy 2024, friends! I hope you are enjoying the fresh start of the new year as much as we are over at BJI. One of my favorite things about starting a new year is taking time to reflect on the previous year and spending time dreaming of the possibilities and goals I want to accomplish ahead. As our team dives into 2024, we're gearing up for some exciting changes and look forward to bringing you along the whole way!

1. Team Expansion:

I’m SO excited to share that the BJI team will be growing this year! Growing our team isn't just about increasing headcount; it's about getting fresh minds and skills on board to expand our project capacity and quality. Stay tuned for more details soon! 

2. Project Focus: Full-Service Furnishings, New Construction, Remodels:

Over the years, we’ve been able to hone in on where our team and our clients thrive the most. That’s why this year we're narrowing down the types of projects we will accept to the following categories: full-service furnishings, new construction, and remodels. It's a strategic move to specialize and excel in these areas, ensuring we deliver the best possible results for our clients.

3. Process Refinement:

We're all about providing a white glove experience for our clients. This year, we're taking a closer look at our processes, finding ways to elevate the services we provide, while adopting smarter methods to get things done faster and better.

4. Showcasing Our Work:

One of my favorite parts of any project is photographing our work. With so many new projects coming down the pipeline, we’re excited to share with you more of the beautiful homes we have the privilege of designing for our client! In my opinion, the spaces we will have the opportunity to capture in images this year, will be our best work yet.

5. Keeping Fun at the Forefront: 

At BJI, our team works really hard to provide an incredible experience for each person that we work with. Part of this includes having fun along the way. At the forefront of all our 2024 goals, we’re making sure to incorporate fun into our routine, whether it's team activities, small celebrations, or just enjoying the creative process. A positive atmosphere leads to better outcomes for the team, our amazing vendors, and most importantly you! 

As we ramp up for an exciting year ahead, I realized that all of these goals and dreams could not happen without the support of each of our clients, partners, family, and friends. I’m so grateful to each of you for entrusting your design dreams to BJI. Cheers to 2024!


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