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Project Reveal: The Skin Society

I’m so excited, because today we are finally revealing a project I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you all for a while! In 2021, The Skin Society in Fayetteville approached the BJI team to design their upscale skin health club. We collaborated closely with our client to create a minimalist, clean vibe infused with texture and pattern to bring the perfect amount of warmth.

Starting from the outside and reaching into the reception area, we chose handmade, clay tiles from Fireclay Tile to create an asymmetrical, yet balanced tile design to look like a welcome mat intended to draw clients in.

For the custom-made desk, we wanted to produce a clean transition from the sealed concrete floor to the desk itself, so we used a plaster finish on the front and side walls. We created the illusion of concrete by mixing multiple colors to give movement and what appears to be a continuation of the same material without interruption. To top it off, we added two beautiful live edge pieces made of white oak - natural, simplistic, one-of-a-kind. The ultimate first impression.

Around the corner from the entry space, clients are taken down a long walkway that showcases emerald green bench seating along the floor to ceiling windows. We placed patterned pillows from Leyland Blue along the benches to add a touch of texture and comfort.

Opposite the built-in seating are acrylic framed mudcloths. I wanted to go the direction of a subtle textile over traditional artwork, but I couldn’t find the exact pieces I was envisioning so down the DIY road I went (not the norm, by the way). I love how they turned out, and the ceramic shade sconces with subtle-rope detailing create a sophisticated and completed look.

Traveling up the stairs, the three-tiered, abaca rope wall sconces provide ambient lighting and create an understated yet memorable element to an often overlooked area.

We took the opportunity to dress up the stairwell landing with an oversized, creamy chair, dimensional wall art, and a cabinet for extra storage space.

The goal of the mezzanine area was to create a multi-functional space to gather for team meetings as well as host training classes. We needed furniture that could easily be moved depending on the event taking place. We repurposed the chairs from our client’s previous location and added the additional furnishings and decor to bring it all together. The gold accents in the coffee table and Frame TV provide an elevated, luxurious style. We also loved that the Frame TV could be used to display digital artwork or presentations during training classes.

Can I just say, this may be my most-loved bathroom in the BJI portfolio? The hand-wrapped white and black cotton mirror, the emerald green granite with a mitered edge, the custom metal vanity base, the cat wallpaper - it’s hard to pick a favorite feature.

Our client is a big cat lover, so we wanted to find a fun way to incorporate that personalized detail in the space. When I found this Anthropologie wallpaper, I knew we had to have it!

(Who can resist a bathroom mirror selfie here?!)

The Skin Society has been such a great addition to downtown Trilith and Fayetteville, and I am humbled to have been a part of bringing this dream to life for our client! For services and booking, please visit my friends at The Skin Society and check out this beautiful skin scare club for yourself!


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