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What is it like to work with an interior designer?

Hey there, friend! Today I’m dishing out all the behind the scenes on what it’s really like to work with an interior designer. A common theme I hear among potential new clients is the uncertainty around all the steps leading up to the finished product of a beautifully designed space. A good designer and a good design experience is more than just a pretty room (although we love the pretty rooms!).

So much of a successful design project and achieving the space of your dreams is making sure that your designer has a well thought out road map. I want to pull back the curtain and discuss the behind the scenes of the BJI design process and reveal what it’s really like working with our team. We are passionate about creating a seamless and enjoyable design experience from start to finish for all of our clients and have found our curated 9-step process to be very successful in accomplishing just that.

The Process:

1. Inquiry - Welcome! You’ve expressed interest in hiring us for your redesign project using this inquiry form. Our team will respond to your inquiry shortly by sharing our Investment Guide.

2. Phone Consultation - After you review the Investment Guide and decide to move forward, we will set up a 15 minute Discovery Call to learn more about your project, gain an understanding of your needs and determine if our services are a match.

3. In-Home Consultation - Knock, knock! Our team will meet at your home or project location to complete a full assessment of your space. During this time, we’ll also get a better understanding of your overall vision for the room, how you would like the space to function, your interiors style, and identify your main priorities for the space.

4. Package & Contract - After the consultation, we will prepare a contract and package unique to the project, which will include the scope of work, pricing structure, etc. Once the contract is signed and paid, we will add your design days to our calendar.

5. Design Days - We take the next steps in building out a complete design presentation for your space. This phase includes creating floor plans, selecting color palettes, sourcing all of your items, visiting showrooms, ordering samples, and meeting with your general contractor, if applicable.

6. Presentation & Proposal - Now for the fun part! Our team will then meet with you to share the items we selected for each space, showcasing samples and a furniture plan, and receiving feedback on any of the items chosen.

7. Revisions, Invoice & Ordering - We make the appropriate revisions based on your feedback, then share the agreed upon invoice. Once the invoice is paid in full, all items are ordered!

8. Project Management - Our team oversees every aspect of the project from shipping, receiving, inspecting and sourcing accessories. This may include occasional site visits to your project location.

9. Installation - This is everyone’s favorite day! We install all items and style/accessorize the space to completion. Then, you get to have your very own HGTV moment by coming home to a completely newly designed space. It really is the best part!

There you have it friends - the full design process from start to finish! When designing a home or a space, it takes both an organized plan AND an eye for design. Our goal is always to work with each client and support their unique needs/projects while following this process to ensure that they have a first-class experience and results that exceed expectations.

If you’re ready to take the next step in designing the home of your dreams, please reach out to us to receive our Investment Guide which dives deeper into your most-asked design questions, pricing structures, and the design process in more detail.

Chat with you soon!



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