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Virginia Highland Project: Front Porch

Hey, friends! It is time for part two of the Virginia Highland project reveal: the front porch! With requests of serenity and functionality, we designed a space to suit this young family’s needs in a simplistic and beautiful way.

We started the project off by designing and sourcing this oversized, custom-made wooden swing, which offers extra seating while bringing in fun textiles for the space through pillows. To tie it all in, we chose a sisal rope to hang the swing from the ceiling. With these warm summer evenings and approaching fall weather, it is the perfect place for this young family to lounge and swing with their newborn.

The pillows and greenery compliment the simplicity of the crisp white cushions and wood tones in a soft, comforting way. If you remember from the first project reveal of their outdoor courtyard and dining area, we applied the same design concept of starting with a neutral foundation and layering color and texture with accent pieces, allowing the two to be coordinating and a continuation of the entire home’s aesthetic.

Off to the other side is a sofa and woven chair with a reflecting color palette to carry over the relaxing vibe. While like a retreat, this space also acts as the perfect place for entertaining friends and family alike after their little one has been put down for the night.

These fun pedestals are waiting to hold your glass while adding a touch of modern style. The greenery infuses nature and helps breathe life into the space with a dose of relaxation, and their complimenting planters create a nice balance by mixing more dense materials within the soft textiles to achieve a curated look. The same indoor-outdoor performance rug (perfect for families with kids and pets!) is used on both sides to keep the cohesiveness of the entire porch while also defining the two spaces.

A special emphasis was placed on investing in neutral furnishings that allow the foundation of the space to be more durable, long-lasting, and immune to weather and a growing family. The throws and pillows provide an opportunity for an easy modification of the color palette with new accents and accessories at anytime.

A space waiting for memories to be made over morning chats with coffee or late-night conversations with wine, this front porch was an absolute pleasure to design.

Stay tuned for the next part of this project reveal!


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