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Summer Dinner Party Recipes

Three words: Summer dinner party. Did you just get as excited as I did? There’s something about cooking a meal with fresh, seasonal vegetables, mixing a fun summery cocktail, and inviting friends over to enjoy a meal under the string lights on the back patio that gets me so inspired. If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I love to cook and entertain. Even if it’s just a night in with Jason, I’ll still make sure that it feels special by trying a new recipe and mixing a yummy new drink. This summer, I’ve been able to try a few new recipes that have been too good not to share!

Summer Charcuterie Board

You can never go wrong serving a charcuterie board as an appetizer at a summer evening gathering! Pile on fresh and colorful fruits and vegetables of the season with your favorite meats and cheeses sprinkled throughout. Serving a charcuterie board is always a crowd pleaser because there’s usually something for everyone to eat on the board. And with the ingredients so beautifully displayed, it can serve as a centerpiece to your table. If you’re new to making charcuterie boards or would like a little bit of inspiration, check out this summer charcuterie board recipe.

Photo by Bits and Bites Blog

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Summer Succotash

Made with fresh corn, lima beans, seasonal grape tomatoes, basil, okra, onions, and lightly drizzled with butter, this recipe has summer written all over it! The great thing about making a succotash is that you are free to substitute any of the ingredients with your favorite vegetables. Simply prepare the vegetables, mix together the ingredients and pour into your favorite serving bowl to pass around the table. Get the recipe here.

Photo by Southern Living

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Seasonal Cocktail

What better way to bring in the taste of summer than with a grapefruit cocktail? I’ve been following Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate’s grapefruit rosemary lemonade sparklers this summer and it does not disappoint! My special twist? Just add vodka!

Photo by Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate

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If you’d like to see more recipes and what I’m cooking up each week, be sure to follow along on Instagram! And if you give any of these recipes a try, I’d love to know what you think.


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