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Our Guide to Summer Entertaining

Hey there, friends! Who here is prepping to host a graduation party, bridal shower or Memorial Day cookout? Summer is one of my favorite seasons to entertain guests at my home - we have our porch doors open, fruity cocktails in hand, and the conversation tends to linger a little longer with the extra daylight in the evening. If you’re planning on hosting a gathering this year or just need some fresh ideas to liven up your entertaining game, keep scrolling to see a few of my favorite tips and tricks.

Styling Your Tablescape

Entertaining is the perfect excuse to whip out some fun new cloth napkins and placemats (and of course flowers). How you dress up your dining table can help establish a party theme or enhance the experience of the event. I don’t set the dining room table often, but having friends over is the perfect excuse to play with table décor.

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You don’t have to cook a big meal to have people over. A simple, yet tasty appetizer is sometimes just enough to get the party going. I’m currently loving this blackberry goat cheese crostini recipe and can’t wait to try it out at my next get together.

The Star of the Show: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and often the center of any event you host. I love to display all of the food out on a variety of trays on the kitchen counter or island. This allows people to graze as they please or make a full plate and have a seat at the dining room table. I always like my guests to feel like they are welcome to any food they see, and I’ve found that displaying it on a platter or tray encourages guests to have at it.

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Party Favors

If you’re looking to go the extra mile, send your guests home with a memory from your party or event by putting together a small or unique party favor. Consider offering guests a miniature jar of your favorite honey or source some delicious fruits and vegetables from a local farmer or farmer’s market. Simply gather a favorite item of yours or something small yet meaningful to your event to send home with your guests as memorabilia to your event.

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