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How to Style Your Porch or Patio for Spring

Hello porch season! One of my favorite “rooms” at my house is the front porch, and I have been patiently waiting to break out my new outdoor pillows and honestly just spend every moment I can outside! If you’re looking for ways to spruce up your outdoor living space, look no further. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite porches and patios we’ve designed in the past and are sharing our go-to elements when designing an outdoor living space. Whether you live in a city with a small balcony, have a classic wrap-around porch or a beautiful backyard patio, there is always an opportunity to thoughtfully curate the exterior of your home.

1. Potted Plants

The number one way to instantly add style to your porch or patio is to decorate with plants! Potted plants are an easy and natural way to express your design style. Do you enjoy a southwestern style? Try displaying a few small cacti or succulents on an accent table. If you prefer a tropical vibe, add a split leaf philodendron in a large woven basket. For a modern and minimalist styled space, display a simple fiddle leaf fig in a large gold pot. Choosing a planter or a woven basket for your plants completes the look by making your outdoor space clean, chic and lively. Check out some of my favorite planters over at the BJI Shop!

2. Outdoor Rugs

Remember how I said the front porch was my favorite room in the house? In order to make an outdoor space feel like an extension of your interiors, it’s important to incorporate pieces you would include in a living room. An outdoor rug can instantly make your porch feel like the second living room of the house. It can anchor the space, display your style with a fun pattern, and make a blank canvas feel instantly cozy.

3. A Long Dining Table

I sometimes feel that food tastes better when you’re eating it around a dining table with your closest friends, under string lights on a warm spring night with a chilled bottle of wine (does anyone else know what I’m talking about??). When I get the opportunity to design a large outdoor living space, I always include a dining table in the furnishing plans. Dinner parties, family meals, and everything in between -- a dining table is ideal for gathering and making memories.

4. Outdoor TV

Be the talk of the neighborhood and upgrade your weekend movie nights by taking them out on the patio. Whenever I can, I like to incorporate an outdoor TV in a patio design plan because it can elevate the functionality of the space. By adding a TV, your outdoor living space can turn into a summer movie theater, an at-home fall football tailgate, or frame a wedding shower slideshow.

5. Pillows (lots and lots of pillows!)

Another simple and easy way to elevate your outdoor living space is to decorate with pillows! No matter the size of your porch or patio, pillows can instantly make your space a cozy and inviting place to hang out during the warmer months; plus, it is the perfect opportunity to infuse a little personality with color, pattern, and/or texture.

As featured in Fayette County Lifestyle Magazine, March 2022


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