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Design Process: The Discovery Phase

Hey there! One of the topics I really want to share with you here on the blog is our design process. There are multiple phases, but for today, I’m taking a deeper dive into the first one – The Discovery Phase. This portion of the process is from the time an inquiry is submitted to contract execution. In many ways, the steps followed during this phase are similar to interviewing and onboarding.

With a background in operations and service-based organizations, I’m acutely aware that process is queen. (And yes, I said “queen”, not “king”). ;) Having a well-designed process is not only important to me as a business owner from an efficiency and scalability perspective, but paramount for us to be able to deliver the first-class customer experience I want every client to have. We aren’t perfect and we’re always learning and refining; but the client experience is one of the core priorities for our studio, so this subject will always be top of mind.

Here we go, friends – let’s have a little process party!



You may choose to DM, text, call, or email, but no matter the source of your first touchpoint, we’re going to direct you to our website to complete the initial inquiry form. It’s important to start here because submission of this form triggers the rest of the workflow.

Investment Guide Review

As soon as the brief inquiry form is submitted, you’ll receive an email including a copy of our Investment Guide. The Investment Guide provides you with our list of design services, pricing information, our process, a sample project timeline, and a handful of frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in moving forward after reviewing the information, you can use the link included in the same email to schedule a complimentary 15-minute Discovery Call.

Discovery Call

The purpose of the Discovery Call is to gain a better understanding of your project needs, your budget parameters, and your timeline. This call is an important step in finding out if we are a good fit for each other. Just like you would in a job interview - not only does the employer want to make sure you’re the right candidate for the position, but you as the applicant want to make sure the organization is a good fit for you, as well.

In-Home Consultation

Once the decision is made to move forward, the next step is a paid In-Home Consultation. An email will be sent inviting you to hop on the calendar for an appointment. You’ll be prompted to pay the consultation fee at the time of scheduling.

Then comes a little homework - an online design questionnaire that asks more in-depth questions and includes a place to link Pinterest boards and attach floorplans, if applicable. We ask for this to be completed a few days prior to our meeting to give us an opportunity to review, make notes, and prepare to make the most of our time together.

The In-Home Consultation lasts for approximately one and a half to two hours. During this time, we’ll tour the space(s) referenced on your questionnaire, take photographs, gather measurements, talk through design aesthetics, and nail down the scope of work for your project.

Proposal and Letter of Agreement

Following our meeting, we will prepare a custom Proposal and Letter of Agreement for your review. If everything looks good, you sign the documents electronically and pay the attached retainer invoice to secure your project on our calendar.

Welcome to the BJI Family!

This is where all the fun stuff begins! You’ll receive our Welcome Guide that outlines expectations and includes other helpful information regarding the ordering process, receiving warehouse, freight charges, install day, etc. And be on the lookout for a little something special in the mail. :)


So, there you have it – from inquiry to contract signing. Hopefully, this was helpful in gaining a better understanding of what it would be like for us to work together.

Until next time!


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