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Celebrating Two Years of BJI

As we celebrate the second anniversary of the BJI Studio this month (can't believe it!!), we’re taking a look back on the past couple of years with gratitude and joy as we think about all of the amazing clients we have been able to serve. To all of you who have followed along since the beginning or have recently joined us, we are so grateful for your support and love along the way! As a way to look back and celebrate, we’re highlighting a few of our favorite interior design projects we’ve had the opportunity to do over the past two years.

1. Virginia Highlands Porch

This sweet front porch space will always hold a special place for us as it was one of our very first projects we did when Bethany Jones Interiors launched! We were able to honor the classic southern front porch style by including an oversized wooden swing, but took inspiration from the metropolitan neighborhood of Virginia Highlands by incorporating modern furniture pieces. This porch is also a top BJI favorite as it was featured on the cover of the March 2022 issue of the Fayette County Lifestyle Magazine!

2. Third Street Project

It’s no secret that this primary bedroom has been one of our favorite projects of all time! Experimenting with rich patterns and textures incorporated throughout this space, while keeping the color palette earth-toned allowed us to flex our creativity and have fun during the process. We are grateful for the complete trust and confidence our clients had in us to design this space!

3. The Georgian Tiny Home

The Trilith tiny home goes down as one of our most unique projects over the past two years. Furnishing this 500 square foot home was a welcomed challenge for our team to make a small space feel modern and cozy yet still open and airy.

4. My Home

Lastly, and quite possibly the most pivotal project I've taken on was designing my own home. When Jason and I set out to build and design our house, I had no idea the journey that it would spark and the calling it brought out of me along the way. Learning so much throughout the process and becoming confident in my design choices in my own home was the genesis of Bethany Jones Interiors, and I am forever grateful for the journey that has come out of that two years later. This is where it all started, and I am so thankful to all of our clients who have entrusted their home to us along the way.

Cheers to year two!


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